Steps To Download Apache Poi

In selenium web driver, we need data driven testing if we have a requirement of testing by providing more number of inputs to a particular scenario. For this, web driver provides us the option of data driven testing. The first step you need to do is Download and install Apache Poi in your local system. The steps to download Apache Poi are :

1. Go to google and type “Download Apache Poi” in the search bar and then click on the first link displayed in the search results.


2. Once you click on the first link, it will take you the Here under the download section you need to search for “The latest stable release in Apache POI 3.11” , click on it.


3. Once you click on this link, you need to click on the option “” which you really have to download.


4. After clicking on the above zip file option, you will be navigated to other web page where you need to click on the first link available to download the file.


5. Once you click on the above highlighted link, you will get an option to save this file. Save this file to any of your local drive of your local system.

6. You need to extract the saved zip file which you will need at the time of configuring it in your webdriver.


7. When the extraction of the zip file get completed, you will get a separate folder “poi-bin-3.11-20141221”.


That’s all in downloading the Apache Poi in your local system…!

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