Steps To Add Apache Poi To A Project

Apache Poi download is not enough, you need to add it to your project in order to work with it. So to configure the Apache Poi to a project we need to add the jar files which are available in your downloaded Apache Poi folder. The steps you need to follow while adding apache poi to a project are :

1. Go to Eclipse and right click on any created project and go to the option “Build Path”. 


2. Under Build Path, you will get an option “Configure Build Path”. You need to click on it, you will get a window containing option to add jars. Click on the Libraries tab, and then click on the option “Add External Jars”. 


3. When we click on Add External Jars option, an another window gets displayed which gives you the option to browse the jars files. All you have to do is go to the location where you have saved your apache poi folder, and you need to add all the jars present inside that folder.


4. Now you need to add the jar files present inside the lib folder. So again click on Add External Jars button, and go to the lib folder and select all the jar files and click on open button.



5. You need to click on “ooxml-lib” folder and select all the jar files inside it and click on Open button to add these jars to your project.


So this is how you can configure Apache Poi in your eclipse…!!!

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