Steps To Download And Install Firepath

Steps to download and install Firepath

Launch Mozilla firefox. Go to google and type in firepath.


Click on first given link, you will get an “Add to Firefox” option.


Then click on Add to Firefox button.

Then it will ask you to install, you just need to click on Install option.


Once you install it, you can check whether the Firepath is installed in Firefox or not. You just need to right click on any element. Go to Google and right click on the search bar, you will get an option of Inspect in Firepath.

To verify whether Firepath is installed or not, in firebug window search for the heading Firepath.

Why to use Firepath

Firepath is used to get the xpath or css of CSS locators of a particular element.

Example : Finding out Xpath of an element using Firepath

Launch Firefox and open any site. Lets go to

Firebug icon is available on the right top corner of the page, click on it.


Once you click on Firebug icon, you will be able to see one more window containing code and options like Firepath.


Make sure that the Firepath option is available on the second window.

Now click on the “Inspect Element” firebug option to inspect any element. But first select any UI, here let us select “google” and then click on “Inspect Element” FireBug option.

The UI element which we have selected here, the ‘Xpath’ property value will be displayed by default.


You just need to copy the XPath property value now.

Getting CSS selector value of the web element using Firepath

Launch Firefox and open any site, Ex : go to

Click on the firebug icon available on the right side of the web page.


Once you click on the Firebug icon, an another window will be displayed. Make sure it has the Firepath option.


Click on the dropdown given with the tag Xpath, and select CSS option given there.


Now you need to click on the “Inspect Element” firebug option and select any UI element. Here we are selecting the Google symbol.


Now the ‘CSS’ property value will get displayed in front of the option where the CSS option was selected.


The last is as simple as anything; you just need to copy the CSS selector property value.

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