Installing Selenium IDE (SIDE) And Firebug

Steps To Download Selenium IDE

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Google, type selenium IDE download.


  • Check the first link, under Selenium IDE, check on Download latest released version version 2.50, click on it.


  • Click on Allow and click on Install Now.


  • Click on Restart.

Steps To Launch Selenium IDE

  • Open Firefox browser, click on Firefox browser.
  • There are two ways to launch the SIDE :
  1. Press ctrl+Alt+S
  2. Go to the Firefox menu button, there you will get an option of Web Developer, under this option click on Selenium IDE.

Firefox Menu -> Web Developer -> Selenium IDE.


Once the SIDE is launch you will have the following window :


Steps To Download Firebug

  • Launch Firefox browser. Go to Google and type in Firebug.


  • Click on first link, wait for 2-3 seconds then click on Add To Firefox


  • Click on Allow and then install.


You can launch firebug in two different ways :

1) Press F12

2) Click on the Firebug button which is available on the upper right corner of the firefox window.


Once you launch the firebug, you can see it at the bottom of the Firefox window.


What is the Use of Firebug and how to use it?

To identify any web element we have to make use of fire bug. In order to identify any element, select that particular element, right click on it and click on Inspect element with firebug.

We inspect the element with firebug to identify which locator has been used.


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