Create Your First SIDE Script

First Test Case In Selenium IDE

  • Launch Firefox browser.
  • Launch SIDE (When SIDE opens up, by default it will be in record mode).
  • Give the base URL as .


  • Once it is done, just go to the SIDE window and click on the red button which is given on the right side of the window, this is recording button. By default it is in recording mode but if you want to check whether it is recording or not then you can toggle and check.
  • In Firefox, once you navigate to the , you will get the following page.


  • You can click anywhere on the blank space and you will get the SIDE context menu.


  • You need to select “Show Available Commands” option from the menu.
  • When you click on the option “Show Available Commands”, select the option “assertTitle Welcome To Facebook – Log In, Sign Up or Learn More”. It makes sure that the page title is correct.
  • Now enter some invalid mail id and password in the given fields and click on Login.


  • The following page will get displayed.


  • Now go to the SIDE window and toggle the red button. The recording will get stopped.
  • Save your test case.


  • You can also play it using the green arrow button given on the left upper side of the SIDE window.


Terms :

  • File : We use this file option :
  1. to create new test case
  2. to record and save test case
  3. To open the saved test case and so on.
  • Base URL: Base URL is nothing but we have to enter the URL of AUT (Application under Test).
  • Fast and slow: We can toggle from fast to slow, to control the test execution speed.
  • Test Case Panel: This is where we can see which test case is getting executed or test case suit.
  • To save the recorded test case, go to

      File -> Save test case or (ctrl + S), give the appropriate test case name and click on save. (By default, the test case will be saved in .html extension)

To Execute The Same Test Case

  • Launch Firefox browser and SIDE.
  • Go to File -> Open and select the saved test case.
  • Click on Play button. >-(play current test case).

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